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Friday, February 18, 2011

Welcome to the Lady Lullaby Blog!

Beautiful bedtime music goes straight to the heart. And the brain, and the body! We learn our first songs even before we’re born, and we hear, sing, and share them all throughout our lifetimes.

This Lady Lullaby blog will be a place to share songs and thoughts about the music that puts the world to sleep. Please join in the conversation about the lullabies and bedtime songs that you know and love.

We’ll be talking about things like: why lullabies are good for the health of both babies and parents; lullabies that you remember from your childhood; what you can sing or play for your baby now; the background stories of our favorite lullabies, and lots more.

It doesn’t really matter what songs you sing or hum or listen to with your baby---the important thing is that music becomes a part of your baby’s world---stay tuned for the reasons why!

Sweet dreams,

Listen to "Golden Slumbers":

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