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Tuesday, December 4, 2012

The Gift that makes your family healthy (maybe wealthy) and Wise

Tis the season for buying stuff.

Even if we swear that we’re not going to give in to commercialism, or don’t have the funds to buy gifts, it’s still in our awareness at this time of year---how could it not be, with catalogs crowding the mailbox and ads crowding our brains?

There is one gift, though, that is worth giving and it fits all budgets: Give the gift of music. Music comes in all sizes and shapes and is appropriate for all ages.

For new babies, or those on the way, give lullabies.Lullabies soothe the savage beast and the crying baby.Premature babies are routinely treated with music, as it has been found to help normalize physical functioning. Studies show that even before birth, babies respond to music, as hearing is the first sense to be developed. This is where the healthy part come in!
Suggestion: “Midnight Lullaby”

For toddlers, a weekly music class can literally improve the rest of their lives. Research shows that learning simple musical skills develops the pathways in the brain so that all future learning becomes easier.

This applies to adults too—learning to play a musical instrument is good for our brains at any age, and (this is where the wealthy part comes in) can increase concentration and focus in anything we do. For inspiration, see this article about someone who learned to play cello later in life:

And take your children to a variety of the many freeconcerts---for children and for adults-- that are offered in your community at this time of year. If they get bored or start to complain loudly, you can leave, but they’ll hear some music and get the message that this is a good and important part of life.

And that is a true gift. That’s where the wisdom part comes in.

Enjoy the holiday season, and if you find that you’re getting get stressed out from doing too much--stop for just a minute, take a deep breath, and put on some soothing music. I promise it will help.

Sweet Dreams,

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